Hurry Up Future!

So at this time I am taking a break from painting. (Maybe for a day or two). So many TIE Fighters and others to paint… It really is time consuming. Not only that but I have a wide number of Federation ships left to paint, including some old Provider miniatures from shapeways. His ships I ordered to fill my fleet under the White Strong Flexible Polished material. Sadly those ships came in with way to little detail and have been pushed to the back burner while I decide what to do with them. I’ll paint them up and use them as extra ships for anyone who needs to use them or I might just trade or give them away permanently.

I should have 24 Peregrine fighters by the 16th, If I do there will be a post that day or some day after I clean them up. Because I will use these fighters as heavy federation fighter craft, they will be 2 per wing giving me 12 wings to combat the TIEs. In January I should be ordering 3 more boxes of TIEs from Star Wars Armada table top game to give me the right number of fighters. (Cant have an imperial fleet without overwhelming TIE fighter numbers you know!). I will also be ordering a set of three ships from shapeways (Nashshipyards) under a WSFP and praying they come out looking good. I will then make a review on his site and miniatures when they come in.

In February I will order two boxes of the Alliances fighters to give me 4 squadrons of fighters. (4 wings of 3 X-wings for instance) and these squadrons will be painted into Red/Rogue Squadron, Gold Squadron, Grey  Squadron and Blue Squadron with 1 X-wing wing, 1 Y-Wing wing, 1 B-wing wing and 1 A-wing wing to a squadron.)

So far that is my future plans.

I am reaching out to the gaming world, what is yalls opinion on fleet scale gaming rules?!

I am looking at GOBS and maybe ASFOS. the over simplified GOBS rules seem good but so does ASFOS. Anyone’s opinion is highly wanted and welcome on this matter!



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