Progress on Painting

Just posting some pictures on my ships that I am painting and “repainting” lol. Hope everyone enjoys!

Right now I am currently working on painting my TIE fleet. I got 3 packages of TIE FIGHTER EXPANSIONS from the Star Wars Armada game. They came with 6 TIE FIGHTERS, 6 TIE INTERCEPTORS, 6 TIE ADVANCED and 6 TIE BOMBERS per box. I am looking at 36 fighters to repaint. I will need to get at least 3 more boxes. After that I will get me 2 boxes of the REBEL FIGHTERS EXPANSIONS. They come with 6 X-WINGS, 6 Y-WINGS, 6 A-WINGS and finally 6 B-WINGS.

The rest of these ships as you know is part of my FEDERATION FLEET, still working on them but I have officially finished the Steamrunner, Freedom, Akira, New Orleans, Saber, Decatur and the two Galaxies.

Left to paint from the ground up is two Sabers, two Decaturs, Attack Wing Nebula, Cheyenne, and soon 36 Federation Peregrine fighters.

Ones I just need to paint details on and finish the washes is a Defiant, Miranda, and my Intrepid.

Overall I believe I’ve done good doing my first TRUE painting of ships. If anyone has any good ideas on if I should do decals on ships directly or if I should just do decals eventually on the bases please comment below!


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