New Comers Arrive!

So I got a package today! I made an order almost a year ago for a ISD, a Victory ISD and 3 wings of TIE fighters (36 in total!). These ships come from the Starwars Armada line. So I have some shot comparisons to my 1/7000 ships of my federation line. I am impressed however, at the details of these ships. The TIE’s don’t have a lot of details on them but they do have enough that for those who want to paint them, they can. The ISD and Victory ISD however have a decent paint job and great detail. A little bit of engine repainting is in order but out of the box I find that there is little that needs to be done!

Here are some of my comparison shots! Hope y’all enjoy! I will post more tomorrow about the size differences between the giant Attack Wing Borg Cube and the ISDs, and with my 1/7000 scale ships (more one on one pictures.)

Im looking forward to ordering more Imperial fleet forces and some Federation Peregrine fighters to make this more of an “even” battle!

Hope everyone enjoyed the post. If you have any questions or want closer shots of the new miniatures, let me know in the comments below! I expect to post about another shapeways site tomorrow and then a closer review of these ships. Good night everyone!


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