Another Ship Update

Hey everyone. Just updating my work on federation ships. I think I got them done for the most part, (except my miranda, decatur and saber). Any suggestions on how I should paint the phaser strips?

My Miranda is almost done. I think I might try my hand at a wash technique (Which I’ve never done before.) The Decatur is another story… As my paint dried I think I applied some thickening paint. So i might just have to bite the bullet and try one more fresh coat on the hull. Who knows. But i’m still satisfied about my work so far. I fixed the nacelles on the steamrunner and fixed the slight paint marks on the Akira and New Orleans.

Next to do is a few Sabers, Cheyenne, a few more Decaturs and an Intrepid. I have a attack wing Nebula that I am thinking of keeping in the fleet even though its a good size smaller then the galaxy… If I do decide to keep it I will be doing a repaint on it to match the fleet.

I will try and follow advice from Teri Litorco if I do. (Link here) She has been awesome at giving great advice and I am giving a shout out to you Teri! 😀

And just a reminder! Most of my 1/7000 ships came from 1sickbastards site, Halcyon Shipyards!

Anyways hope everyone has a good night.


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