Site Review! 1sickbastard’s Halcyon Shipyards

Hey everyone! So today I am going to make a review on a shapeways site Halcyon Shipyards (By 1sickbastard). His site is one of my top favorite sites out there because he makes and uploads ships that very few makers make. Most notably is the Wolf 359 ships! These ships come highly detailed at a medium price. Ship sizes range from 1/7000 to 1/5000! Mostly Trek ships have been made (a personal favorite myself) but a new range of B5 ships are underway as well.

I own a good number of his ships. Personal favorites are the Akira class and the New Orleans class. These ships are hard to come by in this quality. Average price per ship is 22-23$ Although the Galaxy and the Nebula cost roughly 65-72$. All ships are in FUD and FED (Frosted Extreme Detail).

If one day, his ships are not there, never fear! Message him and he will let you know when the next time they will be up!

Now, because these are shapeways models, be aware that there might be imperfections in the models. Shapeways will easily remake your ships so make sure its annotated and you get into contact with shapeways. But over the few issues I’ve had over shapeways models, 94% have been perfect. They do break easily depending on what kind of model you order. MEK is perfect for fixing FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail).

Site Link: 1sickbastard’s Halcyon Shipyards

I currently own 3 Galaxy Class, 3 Akira Class, 3 Ambassador Class, 3 New Orleans Class, 3 Saber Class, 2 Cheyenne Class, 1 Titan Class, 1 Freedom Class, and 1 Intrepid Class. (All from Halcyon Shipyards). With the medium price and high detail, I HIGHLY recommend these ships.


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