The Beginning again…

Hello everyone. I am a fellow tabletop gamer as well as console and computer gamer. I started this page about 2 years ago but a lot has happened since I started it. As you can see I have removed all my posts and am starting anew. My purpose in making this blog site is to post and talk about 1/7000 miniature ship gaming and where to find ships. Since a lot of the information is now no longer current, I decided to make a brand new start. I will eventually make a 25/28 mm gaming page so send me messages and links if you find something that can help the community.

I have updated a huge list of Shapeways modeler links as well as my friend slotkarman on Si’s Soldiers blog page. I will update links of more model makers tomorrow as well as add some pictures of my ships I am currently painting.

I hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving!

I will also post sites that have ship game rules and various model makers to make searching for the right ships that much easier for people. If you have a review on a game system, please comment! Id love to hear feed back from all tabletop gamers!



Enjoy the beginning. I will eventually break down every site to tell you what they offer!


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