Hurry Up Future!

So at this time I am taking a break from painting. (Maybe for a day or two). So many TIE Fighters and others to paint… It really is time consuming. Not only that but I have a wide number of Federation ships left to paint, including some old Provider miniatures from shapeways. His ships I ordered to fill my fleet under the White Strong Flexible Polished material. Sadly those ships came in with way to little detail and have been pushed to the back burner while I decide what to do with them. I’ll paint them up and use them as extra ships for anyone who needs to use them or I might just trade or give them away permanently.

I should have 24 Peregrine fighters by the 16th, If I do there will be a post that day or some day after I clean them up. Because I will use these fighters as heavy federation fighter craft, they will be 2 per wing giving me 12 wings to combat the TIEs. In January I should be ordering 3 more boxes of TIEs from Star Wars Armada table top game to give me the right number of fighters. (Cant have an imperial fleet without overwhelming TIE fighter numbers you know!). I will also be ordering a set of three ships from shapeways (Nashshipyards) under a WSFP and praying they come out looking good. I will then make a review on his site and miniatures when they come in.

In February I will order two boxes of the Alliances fighters to give me 4 squadrons of fighters. (4 wings of 3 X-wings for instance) and these squadrons will be painted into Red/Rogue Squadron, Gold Squadron, Grey  Squadron and Blue Squadron with 1 X-wing wing, 1 Y-Wing wing, 1 B-wing wing and 1 A-wing wing to a squadron.)

So far that is my future plans.

I am reaching out to the gaming world, what is yalls opinion on fleet scale gaming rules?!

I am looking at GOBS and maybe ASFOS. the over simplified GOBS rules seem good but so does ASFOS. Anyone’s opinion is highly wanted and welcome on this matter!



Progress on Painting

Just posting some pictures on my ships that I am painting and “repainting” lol. Hope everyone enjoys!

Right now I am currently working on painting my TIE fleet. I got 3 packages of TIE FIGHTER EXPANSIONS from the Star Wars Armada game. They came with 6 TIE FIGHTERS, 6 TIE INTERCEPTORS, 6 TIE ADVANCED and 6 TIE BOMBERS per box. I am looking at 36 fighters to repaint. I will need to get at least 3 more boxes. After that I will get me 2 boxes of the REBEL FIGHTERS EXPANSIONS. They come with 6 X-WINGS, 6 Y-WINGS, 6 A-WINGS and finally 6 B-WINGS.

The rest of these ships as you know is part of my FEDERATION FLEET, still working on them but I have officially finished the Steamrunner, Freedom, Akira, New Orleans, Saber, Decatur and the two Galaxies.

Left to paint from the ground up is two Sabers, two Decaturs, Attack Wing Nebula, Cheyenne, and soon 36 Federation Peregrine fighters.

Ones I just need to paint details on and finish the washes is a Defiant, Miranda, and my Intrepid.

Overall I believe I’ve done good doing my first TRUE painting of ships. If anyone has any good ideas on if I should do decals on ships directly or if I should just do decals eventually on the bases please comment below!

New Comers Arrive!

So I got a package today! I made an order almost a year ago for a ISD, a Victory ISD and 3 wings of TIE fighters (36 in total!). These ships come from the Starwars Armada line. So I have some shot comparisons to my 1/7000 ships of my federation line. I am impressed however, at the details of these ships. The TIE’s don’t have a lot of details on them but they do have enough that for those who want to paint them, they can. The ISD and Victory ISD however have a decent paint job and great detail. A little bit of engine repainting is in order but out of the box I find that there is little that needs to be done!

Here are some of my comparison shots! Hope y’all enjoy! I will post more tomorrow about the size differences between the giant Attack Wing Borg Cube and the ISDs, and with my 1/7000 scale ships (more one on one pictures.)

Im looking forward to ordering more Imperial fleet forces and some Federation Peregrine fighters to make this more of an “even” battle!

Hope everyone enjoyed the post. If you have any questions or want closer shots of the new miniatures, let me know in the comments below! I expect to post about another shapeways site tomorrow and then a closer review of these ships. Good night everyone!

Another Ship Update

Hey everyone. Just updating my work on federation ships. I think I got them done for the most part, (except my miranda, decatur and saber). Any suggestions on how I should paint the phaser strips?

My Miranda is almost done. I think I might try my hand at a wash technique (Which I’ve never done before.) The Decatur is another story… As my paint dried I think I applied some thickening paint. So i might just have to bite the bullet and try one more fresh coat on the hull. Who knows. But i’m still satisfied about my work so far. I fixed the nacelles on the steamrunner and fixed the slight paint marks on the Akira and New Orleans.

Next to do is a few Sabers, Cheyenne, a few more Decaturs and an Intrepid. I have a attack wing Nebula that I am thinking of keeping in the fleet even though its a good size smaller then the galaxy… If I do decide to keep it I will be doing a repaint on it to match the fleet.

I will try and follow advice from Teri Litorco if I do. (Link here) She has been awesome at giving great advice and I am giving a shout out to you Teri! 😀

And just a reminder! Most of my 1/7000 ships came from 1sickbastards site, Halcyon Shipyards!

Anyways hope everyone has a good night.

Site Review! 1sickbastard’s Halcyon Shipyards

Hey everyone! So today I am going to make a review on a shapeways site Halcyon Shipyards (By 1sickbastard). His site is one of my top favorite sites out there because he makes and uploads ships that very few makers make. Most notably is the Wolf 359 ships! These ships come highly detailed at a medium price. Ship sizes range from 1/7000 to 1/5000! Mostly Trek ships have been made (a personal favorite myself) but a new range of B5 ships are underway as well.

I own a good number of his ships. Personal favorites are the Akira class and the New Orleans class. These ships are hard to come by in this quality. Average price per ship is 22-23$ Although the Galaxy and the Nebula cost roughly 65-72$. All ships are in FUD and FED (Frosted Extreme Detail).

If one day, his ships are not there, never fear! Message him and he will let you know when the next time they will be up!

Now, because these are shapeways models, be aware that there might be imperfections in the models. Shapeways will easily remake your ships so make sure its annotated and you get into contact with shapeways. But over the few issues I’ve had over shapeways models, 94% have been perfect. They do break easily depending on what kind of model you order. MEK is perfect for fixing FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail).

Site Link: 1sickbastard’s Halcyon Shipyards

I currently own 3 Galaxy Class, 3 Akira Class, 3 Ambassador Class, 3 New Orleans Class, 3 Saber Class, 2 Cheyenne Class, 1 Titan Class, 1 Freedom Class, and 1 Intrepid Class. (All from Halcyon Shipyards). With the medium price and high detail, I HIGHLY recommend these ships.

Works in progress

Here’s some of my works in progress. These 1/7000 ships are from 1sickbastards shapeways site. I currently have 3 ships almost done that are needing touchups and 1 that needs alot more work (sadly.) This is my first attempt at painting ships. Im pretty happy at how they came out!

I had to use Dawn dish soup and hot water over night with a brush to get the separating solutions off. Then I did a basic black acrylic spray paint (I believe, will get the brand up later) as a base black coat, and then mixed 1 black drop with 5 white drops of acrylic paint to get the lightish grey color. Basic red and basic blue acrylic paint for the rest. (Soon to add a shine and maybe a wet brush of black in).

The Beginning again…

Hello everyone. I am a fellow tabletop gamer as well as console and computer gamer. I started this page about 2 years ago but a lot has happened since I started it. As you can see I have removed all my posts and am starting anew. My purpose in making this blog site is to post and talk about 1/7000 miniature ship gaming and where to find ships. Since a lot of the information is now no longer current, I decided to make a brand new start. I will eventually make a 25/28 mm gaming page so send me messages and links if you find something that can help the community.

I have updated a huge list of Shapeways modeler links as well as my friend slotkarman on Si’s Soldiers blog page. I will update links of more model makers tomorrow as well as add some pictures of my ships I am currently painting.

I hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving!

I will also post sites that have ship game rules and various model makers to make searching for the right ships that much easier for people. If you have a review on a game system, please comment! Id love to hear feed back from all tabletop gamers!



Enjoy the beginning. I will eventually break down every site to tell you what they offer!